Interestnye animals

Headless ptyts.

Back in 1945 the wife of the farmer Lloyd Olsen (USA, Colorado), asked him to score for dinner chicken. Lloyd went to the farmyard, chose a five-month cockerel, raised his ax and chopped. But it was not possible to eat kuryatinkoy spouses as chicken was still alive - the ax slipped past the jugular veins, leaving intact brainstem birds. From that moment began in the cock, named Mike, totally unexpected career. He posed for magazines and appeared in a circus in a two-headed calf pair with. The owner even took him to the University of Utah for research. Chicken Mike spent 18 months without a head, and then he died.

Côte predictor.

It's no secret that animals have sharpened perception and they can anticipate events. One such example - Oscar the cat. Kitten he came to a rehabilitation center for the elderly and seriously ill (United States, Rhode Island), and grew up there. Okara, sadly, predicts the impending death of the patient. Doctors center accidentally noticed that the cat does its own ward round, sniffs some and sleeping in beds other patients. If the cat does not admit he meows at the door. In all cases, death occurs within a few hours after the "signals" cat.

Dog artist.

Terrier Tilly became famous in his home country (the United States, Brooklyn) their creative abilities. The dog likes to "draw". In the US and Europe have been organized for 17 of its exhibitions. At Tilly - its unique technique and style. Paper for her cover special pigments and dog with claws and teeth creates his lithographs.

Smart parrot.

Many parrots imitate human speech, without understanding the meaning of what was said. In the 80s psychologist Irene Peppeberg (USA, Indiana) bought a parrot in the usual pet store for the experiment - to confirm this undeniable fact in science. However, Alex the parrot was quite capable. He quickly learned to count, distinguish colors and was able to express emotions and simple thoughts. For example, he said that his annoying molt. Unfortunately, the experiment was cut short - a parrot died quite early. According Peppeberg, at the time of death, emotional and intellectual level of the birds reached the level of two-year-child.

Dialogue with animals.

Vocal apparatus animal is not fit for coherent speech. But not all people have the ability to make sounds. This led researchers to experiment on training apes sign language. Vauchoux, chimpanzees, became the first non-human being, knowing this language. Subsequently Vauchoux taught sign language other three monkeys. When Koko the gorilla has learned sign language, she immediately began to use it to communicate with the kitten. Monkey playing with a kitten, calling him a "soft good cat" and its behavior is no different from that of conventional pet lovers.

In the early 1970s, Frank and Janet Berger acquired unusual pet - a chimpanzee. It is assumed that the chimpanzee had been caught in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). Some physical and behavioral signs of monkeys led the couple to the conclusion that they are not just Oliver chimpanzees and possibly a hybrid ape-man. When Oliver was 16 years old, he became clearly stick to his mistress Janet and was sold away from sin. What is interesting, purebred chimpanzees it too disliked and avoided.

Four-legged members.

Rhino Kakareka zoo São Paulo participated in the elections to the City Council in 1956 to protest against corruption. Kakareka won with a score of 100,000 votes, which was more than the other parties in the same election. Electoral body with a nominee disagreed. In 1986, Morris the cat was nominated as a candidate for the US presidency and gathered no recent votes.

Two-legged dog Faith.

Vera was born without front legs and learned to walk upright. Now she goes to schools, hospitals, homes for the disabled and other public places, and inspiring people who have lost limbs, to overcome the difficult situation in which they found themselves.



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