With an armory

Behind a fence voltage of 6000 volts at cost hundreds of self-propelled guns, cannons, mortars, and other military equipment. Here are the stocks of small arms from different eras and countries. They say machine guns, machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers, which are then stored, repaired and maintained, it is possible to equip the army of a small country. Few people know that all this beauty is within the boundaries of Gomel, a few minutes drive from the center.

Gomel residents, who live nearby, used to call this place "the third shelf." They say that the name came from the Civil War, when there was the 3rd Cavalry Regiment of the Red Army. The official name of the military unit 63604 - artillery weapons base. But, as it turns out, the case is not limited to the howitzers and self-propelled. Everything is much more interesting.

Part born 12 July 1941 as the 582 th field frontal warehouse. Since September 1945, it is located in the district of Gomel Novobelitsa.

Tasks base - repair, storage, maintenance and delivery of troops in rocket and artillery. All firearms, too, is the responsibility of Gomel military.

On the wall of the commander of the entire exhibition Alexander Mikhailov souvenir symbols of military units of different countries.
- All that caliber greater than 100 mm, shall be recorded in accordance with international agreements, - says Alexander Mikhailov. - And these signs left officers, who come to us with inspections. Accordingly, our ride to check parts.

In addition to the officers and warrant officers, civilian experts working here. In the Soviet era and served as conscripts. The legacy of these left the barracks - it is now used to place "partisan" when they come up for military training.
- In our database there is only rocket launchers, - tells us the deputy commander of the escort of the military unit of the ideological work, Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Goncharov. - Anything else that is in service with the army we have. And what decommissioned.

By the way, this is "what is lifted" is of particular interest. But more on that below.
Administrative buildings, guardhouse, barracks separated from the area where, in fact, stored and maintained weapons.

Within the technical area - several perimeters guarded by armed men, cameras, electricity.

Severe woman in camouflage at the checkpoint technical area armed with a rubber truncheon, and TT pistol.

- No, a gun and a club is not necessary to use - looks at us appreciatively.
After all screening pass, regardless of the positions and titles

Civil Guard here. Controllers - with pistols, carbines Simonov armed sentries. They say machines rely only military.
And for the next turnstile fun begins. Moving on the area where it is stored and maintained machinery. Because of the trees looks first gun barrel. Then a couple more. Then a few dozen ...
And here is the first "Pink" - a self-propelled gun mounts 2S1. And there's more. Soon discovers a whole plantation ... (As it turned out - not one. And in general, the richest herbarium botanist's dream.)

Acting department store missile and artillery Senior Lieutenant Oleg Lyakhovets explained some machines recently came from parts, waiting for repair. Other serviced and conserved. In fact, to place rasplombirovat crew, reinstall the battery, fill the car and start the engine, you need about an hour.

Where this technique is served on accompanying documents is not visible. Perhaps some kind of self-propelled guns have been to Afghanistan.

In one side perched landing "Nona».

A short distance away - gun.

Among the trees hide "Peonies» 2C7 - the legacy of the Soviet Union. In Belarus, this weapon can be seen only in warehouses: in the army, it is not used.

Military equipment for storage comes more and more. Platforms are not enough, cleared and equipped with new ones. Meanwhile, guns, armored vehicles, cars put on the ground.

Several amphibious APCs your life fulfilled. Now just a wreck.

So look eyelets, which must be attached to the parachute system:

Gaza with awnings look quite peacefully. You can take the car for ordinary software. But under a tarpaulin something bristling. This "Cornflowers" - automatic 82-millimeter mortars.

Nearby in GAZ-66 hiding something larger. It is thickly covered with grease 120mm mortars 2B11.

Hard to believe, but this sorokapyatka last war. The barrel and the lock are shown in disrepair, but the gun is registered "on the balance sheet." Flitches defective mechanisms work.

There are abundant reserves of auxiliary equipment. Independent repair shops on the basis of ZIL allow repair of rocket and artillery weapons in the field. They look, of course, is not so impressive as armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns and mortars, but without them nowhere.

Arriving at the base of Gomel, in the fields of machinery naterpevshis repaired, put in order and preserving - until the moment when it is needed again to send the troops. Senior engineer repairing artillery weapons Captain Oleg Yagovdik says repair shop missile and artillery - in one of the main parts. There tidy self-propelled and towed artillery. As the mechanical part, and actually shoot. Including radio, electronics, missile systems, which are armed with combat reconnaissance diversionary car

Now in the shop are a few "Acacias" and "Stud" and BRDMy removed from the rocket launchers.

Here "being targeted" optics rocket launchers, which are on the BRDMs.

In the storage area of ​​small arms have, by the way, was not allowed: the regime is very hard. Samples taken out for shooting the gate.
- In the area, which houses the small arms should be so-called non-lethal electrical system effects - explains the deputy commander of the ideological work.

- So here's the inscription about 6000 volts - it is a reality, not a sham?
- What kind of props. To kill a man not to kill, but throw ...
Local cats know how to read these signs.

In the background is just loading the last Soviet rarity weapons of the Great Patriotic War. Trehlineyki and PCA had time to war, according to the rules catered, repaired and lubricated, leave the museum one of the parts of mobile troops. Before that, the barrels and closures resulted in disrepair.
Previously, the party with a genuine military weapons Gomel base already passed "BelarusFilm».
We show one sample of what is available in storage (in fact, the range of personal and collective weapons warehouses richer, we have shown not all).

There shturmgevera German MP-44. However, his condition is not so hot, had suffered.

Thompson submachine gun. This is not a mass-dimensional layout as in other museums civilians. This Tommy gun from the arsenal of the American police, marines and gangsters. Also served, restored and listed in boring forms.

But in general, is nothing unusual: such machines in small quantities were exported to the Union under the Lend-Lease. There are more interesting items.
This unprepossessing Romanian Machine "Orita" captured somehow in Japan. As - as new. It looks a toy in the hands of a huge senior warrant officer.

Whether it is our PCA - convincingly stylish youth.

SMGs Shpagin once there were many. Now here are sent to a foreign military unit remains of luxury ...
In fact, there are pre-revolutionary weapon. This Browning - Browning of the same age, from which Kaplan shot Lenin's grandfather. But another model.

- Maybe you and "Maxim" there? - Interested just to order.
- It does not have - is responsible Colonel Goncharov. - The museum passed.
We had to ask more about their muskets ...
These pistols VIS.35 armed Polish officers, tank, cavalry since 1935. Wikipedia says that the Germans also used these guns during the Polish occupation.

That is after the war, there was no shortage - so it is in such Parabellum:

The owner of this may be killed - and as a new gun. Only the plastic lining is cracked.
Rifles and carbines the different countries, by and large, are variations on the theme trehlineyki. However, there should be careful: figuring out what is best and what comes first, fans are able to unleash weapons World War III.

On the trophy rifle Walter can see the mark of the Third Reich.

There is a feeling that is in the museum. But it is hardly a single museum can boast such a variety of real weapons, not dummies. And here things are not kept for public shows.

This variety of rifles still go and not get lost. Even an expert will find something new.

Modern weapons, arriving for repairs or storage service civilian specialists. Including optics for sniper rifles and other weapons.

Part believe that the world is created not so many things better and more beautiful PMRA.

Protection of all this - the most important task. Technical tools are developed, ways of improving guard duty, but the good old guardhouse with real people - a mandatory attribute of any decent parts. The town guard practiced all the situations that may arise in the post.

There shall be militarized guard service team. It is civilians who have been trained for the protection of military facilities.

They say weapons capable of automatic fire, the military relies. Therefore Vohra got SKS.

Protection system guards the memory of failures is not given. There are several degrees of protection. Camcorders "sweep" the perimeter of each protected area. Available time - towers, projectors, speakers, trenches, radios, wired phones. And, of course, carbines, which, according to folklore, "punched rail" (along with the armored train). With frightening bayonets.

Source: dengi.onliner.by


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