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How often do you find yourself in a trouble, trying to remember the correct pronunciation of the names or the name of a celebrity? Fergie Fergie or? Kutcher or Kutcher? That you no longer have doubts, I suggest to get acquainted with the list of 9 famous families that raise doubts in the pronunciation.

Gillenhol / Gyllenhaal / Gyllenhaal

Jake was so tired of interpretations of their ethnic names, in an interview, he decided to make a joke and said that the correct version - "Yelenhulahey" (apparently, the actor remembered the Eyjafjallajokull volcano Irish). But it is actually not so bad. He just Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal.

LaBeouf / LaBeouf / LaBeouf

It would not have wanted to give the names of the charming French style Shia more correctly still be pronounced Shia LaBeouf.

Wheatley / Whiteley

By the way, the name of the girl who play with him in the third part of the movie "Transformers" is also sometimes spelled incorrectly. Rosie Huntington Whiteley beauty is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Wheatley.

Haydzhel / Heigl / Heigl

It would seem, well, here some difficulties may arise? But they occur. In 2007, during the invitation Katherine on stage, the announcer declared it as "Haydzhel." Actress in turn embarrassed and not once was corrected at the microphone speaker, saying that she Heigl.

Summer / Leto

The only correct option was always pronunciation with the letter "e". No one knows who invented a general "Leto", but this variation is often used. Even proven serious publications. Whatever it was, the right pronunciation - Jared Leto.

Fergie / Fergie

Remember the song Ā«FergaliciousĀ» (Fergelishes). The very name should suggest, that the correct pronunciation of the name of the singer - Fergie. Well, if there are still doubts, take a look at any interview in which to Stacey Ferguson treated that way.

Kutcher / Kutcher / Kucher

On the passage from the show Saturday Night Live, you can clearly hear Ashton says his name. Hi! I Ashton Kutcher. "Oh well, Ashton think you clarified the situation.

Bullock / Bullock

Oscar-winning actress name Sandra Bullock says a few times, just the same, at the presentation of the most Oscars. First, Forest Whitaker, then Sean Peng.

Kane / Kane / Kanye /

The name of the musician can hear in the report about the scandalous incident that occurred at the music awards MTV Video Music Awards, when the singer burst onto the scene and interrupted the winning acceptance speech in one of the nominations Taylor Swift. For this case Kanye West had to apologize.



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