Celebrities and their childhood

We all come from childhood. And the stars as well. They were not always so charming, confident and successful. Their popularity - sometimes very long and difficult road, which they had not thought in his youth. Then they are easier, some smiling sweet muzzles, have not doctored by plastic surgeons, some flirted with the camera lens, not even imagining what lies ahead.
What were they, those whom we see every day in the TV screen, about whom we read the news, whose photographs to examine the Internet.

This girl dreamed of becoming a ballerina and was able to speak in 26 African dialects.

But when grown, by fate, I met the impresario, who impressed the scandal, had started in the bank Woman. This meeting proved fatal. After some time, when he was an actress, she starred in "The Devil's Advocate", "Astronaut's Wife," "Sweet November" and many others, are glorified and Charlize Theron.

After graduation, the young man went to study journalism and business advertising. But to work in the profession, he had not succeeded. Before he succeeded, he had to work the carrier of furniture, walk around the street dressed as a chicken and entice passers-by to the restaurant.

But the guy did not despair and continued besides humiliating, but income-generating work to attend acting classes. One day he noticed. Since then, much time has passed. Now this talented actor and sex symbol in Hollywood with his beautiful wife is raising six children. And who would have thought that Brad Pitt once lived a different life?

The girl grew up in a family of famous musicians. He knew how to play the violin, cello, guitar and piano. She loved to skate.

And certainly I never guessed that marries rocker and bear him two charming kids. In addition, Nicole Richie now addicted to the popular profession designers clothes and jewelry.

I bet that cute blonde smiling in the photo, and we did not think that one day, instead of boring books she will read the script multimillion-dollar films that her swift entry to university in 15 years to finish his career mannequins, and then an actress ...

... Starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal, Richard Gere, and of course, Michael Douglas in the form of deadly beauty. Sharon Stone - a woman of legend.

In order not to feel the outsider, this girl in school years participated in a support group of the football team. She studied ballet and participated in small theater productions. She wanted to be a lawyer, model and flight attendant. But her dreams did not come true. To feed themselves, she had to work as a waitress in the eatery.

But persistent classes in acting classes helped her achieve success. And even if gradually and very measured, but it climbed to the top of the stairs and was acting what any actor dreams of. In 2010, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for his role in "The Blind Side».

In the veins of this beauty flows the Finnish and Russian roots. If her grandfather, who left Finland many years ago, changed his name, maybe this girl would be known throughout the world under the name Hiityanen.

But, apparently, the ancestor of sex symbol was an expert in aliases, so, thanks to his efforts, the whole world knows this woman by the name of Pamela Anderson.

His musical career began in the girl 2 years old, my mother singing church songs. At 14, she began to perform in the country rural fairs. At the same age, she was honored to sing with Shania Twain, winning the contest on the radio. Then she said Shania, that is going to become a famous singer.

As the water looked. In 16 years, hitting its voice known music producer, Avril Lavigne won its first contract, valued at one million dollars.

Parents brought their daughter in a strict Catholic faith and in the beginning of her acting career even supported. Their only condition was a strict refusal to participate in movies containing sex scenes.

At first, everything went according to the plan of the parent. But eventually she abandoned Catholicism and became a practicing Hindu. And starred in the film "Boogie Night", which appeared completely naked. As a result, Heather Graham moved away from his parents and became a famous actress.

At age three, she sang with amazing accuracy of his mother, an opera singer, is learning fragment Verdi. Already in the 16 recorded demos at a local recording studio. As a result, she became a backing vocalist and one Puerto Rican singer did not even think to think of something more.

But fate decreed otherwise. With its casual acquaintance with a famous producer, Mariah Carey became the first performer in the United States, whose first five singles topped the list of Billboard.

Acting career started with the girls 15-second appearance in the comedy, which failed at the box office. Filming in another film under the working title "$ 3000", a young actress and did not think about success and fame, which subsequently fell on her.

Later, the working title of "$ 3000" was changed to «Pretty Woman» («Pretty Woman"). In addition to a check of 300 000 dollars actress won international fame and recognition in Hollywood.

This guy is a kid named Frankenstein because of the paralysis that struck his face for a year. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer, despite the fact that he grew up in a family, rotating among celebrities. I dabbled in baseball, but he has not offered a permanent contract.

The recognition he got acting break. First serious work for George Clooney began shooting the series "ER».

This is a girl with an unusual name Demetrius, who grew up in a dysfunctional family and elect their modeling career. I experimented with drugs, but thanks to the director, with whom she had to work to get rid of dependence.

And I think that does not regret it. Due to the insistence of the director, Demi Moore was one of the highest paid actresses of the 90s. By the way, in 2007, she took her husband's name. And now, almost 4, she Demi Kutcher.

Despite the fact that the girl in the picture looks like a cutie, she could easily zafintit any guy in the eye. Listening to heavy metal music, I go to concerts and Ozzy Osbourne's band Metalica. And dreamed of becoming a zoologist.

But her dreams did not come true. Once it was noticed and invited to the fashion business. And then by chance, she was cast in the movie "The Mask." Thus began a dizzying acting career of actress Cameron Diaz.

His acting career, this young man began very early. He was 7 years old when he landed the role in the series. At the same age he became acquainted with one another, which has relations to this day. Their friendship is so strong that in several films they appeared together.

And also co-wrote the screenplay for "Good Will Hunting," in which Ben Affleck and Matt Damon took two roles for themselves. For this scenario, they received an Oscar.

This kid in his childhood he studied tap dance, we can say that dancing was his life. Therefore, their first role, he spent musicals.

But then I decided to change roles and began to play brutal guys. Glory brought him the movie "Pulp Fiction," in which John Travolta took the lead role.

This child has decided to be an actor when he was 14. The actor's career began with commercials and several episodes of an infinite series "Santa Barbara».

Later, on his role accounted wide variety of heroes: the mentally retarded boy, modern Romeo, brave airman, adventurous traveler, a bandit, a swindler, an architect of dreams and many others. The fame brought Leonardo DiCaprio movie "Titanic».

This girl probably would not have thought that one day will become a major sex symbol of Hollywood nabet 8 tattoos and star in the super-blockbuster about robots.

But the way it happened. However, fame did not come immediately. First, Megan Fox had to play small roles until she starred in "Transformers" and make it a real star.

Despite the fact that the girl was the daughter of the famous mother, she made the choice not in favor of an acting career. She chose to study acting. She has a degree from New York University. But be that as it may, the famous actress, she still became. On her account could be a role in the movie "Spider-Man", but she chose the role in another film.

And rightly so. After all, it is easily given comedic roles. Kate Hudson miraculously fits into images of their characters in the film "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "Raising Helen," "My Best Friend's Girl" and others.

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