Daily Mail revealed Emma Watson


To that, a Daily Mail if only someone porazoblachat. The last time their tenacious gaze fixed on the ass Kate Moss. Their latest victim was the young Emma Watson.

As you know, in March this year Potteriana star signed a contract with the cosmetics company Lancôme and became their new face. The network has already appeared footage of the new advertising campaign of the brand.



In addition, Miss Watson has been called "an icon of the era," and it's hard to argue. Look at pictures of the girls and you will see this. She is beautiful in every frame.





Perfect appearance of Emma works at her young, bright eyes, radiant smile, flawless skin ... Wait. And so whether it is flawless, to be the face of the world-famous?

That's the Daily Mail asked this same question, laid out for all to see the picture of Emma "uncut».

Recently, the star said that intensive work takes most of the time and have a negative impact on her condition. Unbalanced mode of the day, constant stress, fatigue - all this could easily be said on the condition of the skin of the actress. Besides, Emma complained that she had to postpone the training at Brown University.
I decided to devote all his time to the final stage of the work in the "Harry Potter" and focus on other proektah.Kak said Miss Watson, she previously faced with the problem of acne. And trying to get rid of pimples failed miserably.
Dermatologists used some tool in the treatment, which burned all my skin. It was terrible. We could not normally shoot. We had to constantly apply a ton of makeup, that spoil the skin even more.
Reflecting on whether she is worthy of having acne, receive a multimillion-dollar fee from the company that produces cosmetics, I have come to this conclusion. In my opinion, the problem with the skin, in the context of working with Lancôme, only benefit the young beauty. And you know why? Because cosmetics are created to work on imperfections: evens the face, hide dark circles under the eyes, making scars or red veins less noticeable, add color where it is not present and, of course, to hide pimples. Emma - ideal for Lancôme, because it is by example will show how good the brand means.
What do you think?

Photo: dailymail.co.uk, hotcelebshome.com


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