Black & White

Fashion for movie stars is also changing. Here's who is more like - blondes or brunettes? If I asked this question 50 years ago, then there would not be two opinions were - of course, the blonde! Bright Angel, white-haired demons, and Marilyn Monroe - very much alive. Blonde became a symbol of sexuality, cinema and even the stars that originally blondes were not - they tried to be, and we remember them exactly as: blond.

But as time passed, the fashion changed. About 30 years ago, opinions were divided at least be, and now seems to be in the minds of most firmly entrenched idea that brunettes - hotter and hotter ...

Take Megan Fox. What's so except jet-black mop of hair, facial expressions and bold red lips? Please understand me wrong, I have nothing against Megan Fox. On the contrary - it is very beautiful, so pretty nasty, like a doll - in this sense, all of its role very well suited to itself. And it's hot, sexy and exciting. But here's the caveat - in other roles, she did not look.

Another black-haired beauty, a firm foothold in the world of sexuality Olympus - Monica Bellucci. This quiet and classic Italian beauty with a calm face as if Madonna also never showed particularly good acting. But her invite, invite, and invite - I think it is because it is impossible to see a lot. But here's the caveat - it is impossible to imagine a blonde. She dyes her hair - and the world will fall into a deep depression. Fortunately, such a turn of Monica comes to mind.

And Catherine Zeta-Jones? She dances, she sings, she and smart, and speaks Welsh, and personal life, too, everything is in order. Coming soon with her new movie where she will play Gala Dali (though perhaps a movie already came out, so I missed). And what's there to say, you just need to look.

To be continued…


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