The Old New Thing

The end of XX - the beginning of the XXI century with the advent of the Internet into our lives gave us social networks, facebook, forums, chats. In addition to the technical side of these inventions -the possibility of wider communication and self-expression. All these products are in high demand network.
However, all these forms of communication is not an invention of his contemporaries. They are in fact directly borrowed from the Romans and Greeks.
For example, the graffiti on the walls in Pompeii were, in essence, a prototype social networking - each wall was also a forum and LJ. Relative anonymity, equalizing the rights of all, let's freedom of expression. You can find and "private chat" in which a man and a woman for a long time, exchanged messages. Of course, by "nicknames" - man and woman Secundus - Prima.
Is there political discussions and topics, and "dating sites" where free girls describe in great detail, who and why they liked it.
There are also reviews of visitors of public places. Remember, probably, that it is in Rome were invented and put into wide use public toilets. And from the inscription on the wall of the toilet "again no water" breathes something native and painfully familiar.
The catering too, seems to have had all the familiar flaws. Unhappy with the diluted product visitor wrote on the wall of one of the dining rooms "give you water, and he - a pure pull wine».
So join Mr. Shakespeare's sonnet 11 "nothing new under the sun."
A knowledge of history can sometimes offer good business product.


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