Starry mini

Many stars love to shine on the podium in the short evening dress, and many of habit and simple weekdays walk down the street without almost anything. Advertising, style, and the pursuit of fashion soon do its evil work, and they will be walking the streets almost in his underwear. But nice to see a beautiful chiseled figure celebrities when it really such. The rest of the mini dress to attract attention and absolutely do not care how it looks from the outside - chic or sad.

Chic girl Adriana Lima headed

As well as when youth and beauty, like Blake Lovely allows outdoor wear such attire

Ashley Tisdale

Mischa Barton. It would be necessary to first put in order the figure, and then put on a mini

Hilary Duff

Oops jams platechko. Emily Osment

Open legs and, as always, open mouth. Katy Perry


Jenny McCarthy

Emmy Rossum

Some kind of bad taste from Amanda Bynes

Vanessa Hudgens Baby shorts

Sofia Vergara understated style

Joanna Levesque

As always short. Pixie Lott

Tortured Lindsay Lohan

Anna Paquin

Sport Amanda Seyfred

Audrina Patridge

Beyonce, even in such a simple dress, looks great

Irina Shayk

Paris Hilton

Always in the best shape, Victoria Beckham

A simple Kelly Brook


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