Diane Kruger

Among the stars we always select someone who we like for different reasons. Someone we like appearance, with another - the style of life, the role of the third, the fourth - a husband or wife and so on. In search of new ideas for shopping and hairstyles I frequently viewed photos of celebrities. Recently, I began to notice for yourself, that's what I like I find Diane Kruger: sophisticated clothes that emphasize femininity, neat and while simple hairstyles, straight posture, confident look - all this makes it incredibly sexy way! More recently, she's one of my Hollywood's favorites.

I will not retell her biography, it is always possible to find on the Internet. But I tell me why she was so excited.

Firstly, her makeup is always perfect and straight. It is not painted black eye pencil, or affix the lashes without overdoing rouge.

Already in the previous photos show her hairstyles are simple, but always accurate. Kitsch shaggy, shaggy hair (a la "just out of bed") and the beams on top right now in Hollywood is complete, probably why I always liked the way her hair Diane.

Even in everyday life, it ensures that the hair was in order.

Her dresses are always elegant. Very often, Diana chooses clothes simple cut, with an emphasis on sexuality: the bare shoulders, the bare foot, the bare back (she is particularly fond of) and be sure to smile.

Evening dresses:

Cocktail dress reveal her stunningly slender legs and, of course, shoes.

I tell you a secret yet another reason why I like this actress. Look at the photo below on the left board.

She was lucky not only looks and an innate sense of style, but also with her boyfriend. Joshua Jackson became my ideal man since the days of "Dawson" (admittedly, he looks at all has not changed). This sweet couple does not leave nearly a minute, although there since 2006, and have not linked by marriage. Just love, you know!

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