Luminous beings from the depths of the sea

We present you a few shots of a series of underwater photographs taken off the coast of Hawaii photographer Joshua Lambusom. These tiny creatures, whose size is only a few centimeters, live at a depth of more than two kilometers.

1. This impressive collection of photographs taken by Joshua Lambusom in Hawaii, reveals striking creatures as small as a few centimeters. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

2. They live at a depth of 2,133 meters off the coast of Kailua. Among these pictures in the style of "x-ray" you will find rare cephalopods, jellyfish and shrimp. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

3. "Their color - natural color of their pigmentation," - says Joshua Lambus. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

4. Joshua became somewhat of a celebrity when photographed tiny octopus «tremoctopus» - it was only the second time in history when it is being able to capture on camera. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

5. Joshua Lambus has already made more than 400 heats on depth. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

6. "Around me - only pitch darkness and the absence of any hints where to go." (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

7. 25-year-old photographer waiting for nightfall to sail on the boat from the shore at a distance of 4 km. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

8. Then he shuts the engine and dives. The ship's captain puts the whole world, to make it easier to find Joshua plankton. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

9. In the pitch darkness he waits for someone swims past to make a unique frame. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

10. (Joshua Lambus / Solent)

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