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British film and stage actress Helena Bonham Carter - one of the few people I have personally been associated with the concept of "outrageous." Not artificial attracting public attention, which we are witnessing on a daily basis by a variety of semi-professionals, and real immediate, breaking all social canons, their courage unmistakable style. For many it causes irreversible gag reflex, aversion or lack of understanding of the loyal, but at the same time, many praised the actress for her image stood around. It seems that Helena has reached a level where it is not considered at this or that role, and the role specially written for an actress. It can and should be criticized, than it is now, and will be engaged in the next series of "Along the stars," but I confess, I love it!

So, let's go for a familiar pattern: what the actress is seen in public "meetings» ...

Helen appears in public only in such outfits ... in this case, a combination of red and black - this is its color scheme.

With its chosen director Tim Burton. These guys have found each other, stylish and extremely unusual

more red more vivid eccentricity

black with blue cold ... and again sacciform interesnenkoe dress

in a rough cut of the cell with an oblique? And please!

My God, what's on her legs ?! The first (and, unfortunately, is not the last component) minus ...

Black Princess ... if anyone comes weighting solid black color, so this is Miss Carter

original demonstration of the native symbols of the British actress

the choice attire (or rather, shoes) I was struck by the most

what is it, Helen Bonham Carter in his real life?
Yes, all the same ... fabulous

Helen and underground again a bit disappointing choice "brick" shoe

a lot of hard, rough clothes - this is not a new role squalid crazy, this is the real Helen

Sometimes it seems to me that the actress just did not have time to go out of their images and continues to wear costumes of their heroes, living their lives ...

... Or maybe they just live in it?


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