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Making post about casual Megan Fox, I wondered how you can dress as messy and ugly, but it turned out to just platitudes, Megan - slut and prude. This is not me talking, but she was. Girl with pofigisticheski look to your own style - Megan Fox - do not like to dress up and look at 100, if it does not reach the public events where it is more than good. For her, there is no word "necessary", she dresses the way she wants and does only what it thinks fit. In some ways, she's right, because we can not waste precious time to choose the dress in which we have to get out of a loaf of bread, and tinted every five minutes only by the fact that no makeup, we will not look "printsesskami." It's time can be spent on more interesting and useful things, but still a no, and self-care is needed, because a person must be like a man, not the primitive Neanderthal.


I do not know about you, but I was curious to know what thoughts swarming in my head this beauty. Frankly, some of her quotes are very strange, but I think this is a literate PR. And that's what all this is true and what is fiction can only guess ...


"So strange. I like the bad guys. Usually the guy who attracts me in the club is a guy with tattoos and painted nails. It is usually a soloist some punk band and plays guitar. But my boyfriend, with whom we have a serious relationship, CHISTYULYA and very pleasant. This is so weird! »

"I have the sexual energy as a teenager. I'd rather be engaged in sex, you go out. »


"I live the life of 35-year-old man with a 18. I doubt men. I do not trust them. »


"I really like having sex for some people it's disgusting. Women hurry to call the other whores, which is very disappointing. I have never met a man who would say, "You like to have sex ?? Well, you whore! "Because they dream that their wife or girl often gave them.»


"My weight fluctuates constantly - in fact, I do not care about it. It is something like the survival and existence. »


«Starscream sexiest Transformer. Because it just is. Why Simba from The Lion King sexy ?? Just. Maybe because Jonathan Taylor voiced it? I can not tell. This is something that I just feel. »


"With me is unbearable to live. I'm messy. My dirty stuff as soon as I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. My friends always tell me, "Megan, you went to the toilet and flushed for a"


"People do not like me because I have tattoos. It is not normal because it is now 2011, and not 1950. Not only the men do a tattoo. This kind of art, and I like it. & Quot;

"I do not want to comment on their relationship. It is private. It does not concern anybody. It is mine. This is Brian. I do not want others to judge, discussed or mentioned in the In Touch Weekly »



"If you read the Bible and do not believe in gay rights, you must die!»


"Women are the first to call other women sluts, which is sad. I met a man who would say, "Do you like sex? What do you dirty whore! ". Because they dream that their wives or girlfriends often they were given. »


"I'm not going to feel sorry for in a tattoo with the name of Brian, if I and my boyfriend part. In the end I can not call his son Brian. "


About how she says "fable" about his past, journalists men. "Well it's a man. They are easy to play. I baiting tales and forced to eat out of my hand.

"Every time I do a tattoo, some stupid people tell me not to do it. It's creepy to be a part of Hollywood, where everyone is trying to control every action of man, beginning with the words ending with the hair color. And I like the feeling when doing a tattoo. »



"Sex - it's what they do all. So why can not I talk about it? »


"I do not get along with Lindsay Lohan on the set of Star Scene. But keep in mind that we were 16 years old. I met Lindsay before, but I imagined her adult and a completely different person. As I knew from my own experience, women can not be friends. When guys want to walk with you because of the nature of bullying, women immediately hate you. »

& quot; ... For example all this crap about Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens - I would never apologize for my life, for who I am. It's like, "Oh, I'm sorry, I have a private nude photos, but some asshole takes and sells them. I am sorry that this one - asshole. "I would not apologize. Someone tripped Vanessa, but no one holds a grudge against this man. All the blame on her, so she had to apologize. I hate the company Disney made her do it. Disney fucked * Th. & Quot;

"And I'm still a hypocrite. I would never date a girl who sleeps with men. They are disgusting and I would never want to sleep with a girl who sleeps with a man. »


"Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron - they are just very nice, with a luxurious head of hair and costumes. Rob how much? And Zack? Are you joking. The guys in the 20s - a waste of time. They have nothing to talk about: they are immature. I prefer older men. »



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