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As you know, after the birth of the first child mentality woman was seriously changing. What once might have seemed unnecessary and unimportant, it is a top priority in my life, and it's not to mention how much more serious, fearless, confident, but femininity and sexuality becomes a young mother. There is not all, but most, in which, apparently, includes beauty Megan Fox. With age and with the emergence of a certain responsibility actress is much more sensible and right thoughts. For example, compare it with the past quotes statements present, and you will see how "grown" Mrs. Fox Green.

Status sex symbol made me helpless. He eclipsed all of my personality - people could not see him anything else. I was nobody - just picture.

I never read what they write about me. Not immediately, but I learned not to pay attention to all this hype. Tabloids like to book. I read everything - from novels and poetry books to books on astrology.
My personality is multifaceted. I believe that the only manifestations of rebellion on my part - is the absence of many of the fears associated with the film industry.
I got used to the fact that, wherever I was, and whatever did, all eyes on me. This is a "side effect" of the work that you want to be ready and not to lament, they say, as it is all terrible. I do not like it - go out of the game.

I've never been dependent on any work, nor from Hollywood or the popularity.
In films there are no answers to the questions that interest me ... Here you are, for example, would not want to get to know that Bigfoot really existed, than watching a good movie? I believe in aliens, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot ... That's who my real celebrity!
It's creepy to be a part of Hollywood, where everyone is trying to control every action of man, beginning with hair color and finishing.

In the morning, the first thing I wash my face, I put or render a moisturizer and sunscreen definitely. Without it, the house is better not to go. If you can not be painted, I had never been lost. After all these surveys, films and red carpet skin needs a rest.
I do not leave the house without a phone and an antibacterial gel for hands - afraid of germs.
I do not know what my first thought in the morning. Usually I go to weigh. I admire how weight can vary throughout the day. I lose about 2 kg per night. I'm not afraid of their weight, I'm just amazed that one day I weigh 48 kg, and the other - 49, 5. This is all because of saltine crackers.

I hate it when I was staring. When I'm on stage, it is clear that I will be watching ... everything, and this is my worst nightmare. Always I pray that I am not sick, so I did not faint, and that I was not tortured diarrhea. If I exactions these three things, everything else is scary to me.
I never was a beautiful girl. I dye their hair in a terrible color, and of course I was ridiculed for it. Although I did was botankoy, I loved comic books and all that.
I would call myself a girl-guy. I can be very feminine and even feminist. But usually I "his guy." Often injured. I do this in life. I'm a little masculine. I always dominant in the relationship.

I want to further develop their abilities to be considered a good actress. This is my ultimate goal. Box-office success is not everything. It is important to critical acclaim, even on a small level. I'm not trying to outshine Kate Beckinsale. I just want to improve.
Many young actors and actresses in Hollywood put her personal life on display, but when you go to watch a movie, you have no idea to whom you look. I prefer to keep a secret about themselves as the stars of old Hollywood.
In every project I try to learn something new.

Now I am much more slowly than before, that is sad. But still decent - my form when I just went speed.
For me, the beauty - is simplicity, elegance and sensuality. Ava Gardner, my beauty icon. I believe that when a woman is in harmony with themselves and faithful to its principles and values, it will emit a glow.
Sexuality - is power. But only if it does not swing in the face of others, like a flag. People will have to consider and decide whether or not you are sexy.

I see many actresses who are 20-30 years old, are literally forced to work as much as possible. But I'm not afraid. After all, I know that my children are much more important than any movie. So I have nothing to worry about.
Being a mom exhausting but at the same time is amazing! You know, if you do not have children, then you can not fully feel the power of love!
After delivery, I can not watch the news. I want to cry constantly, because each person - someone's child, every woman seems to be someone's mother. When I awoke compassion for all people in the world, especially to women.

For all my life I slept with two guys. The thing is that I have never had sex with a man I did not love. Just thinking about it makes me such a bad thing. I've never even been close to that, to have an affair for one night.
I do not like to hang out. I do not like drunk, wet people who only dream that fuck. So I sit at home and play a game of backgammon on your computer. From time to time I go and sculpt something out of clay. I'm certainly not an angel, but I try to behave well.
We just got lucky with Brian. I believe that he - my second half. But that does not mean we are not working on our relationship. We're very different with him. We just try to tolerate each other - do not try to win every blanket over himself. It is amazing, I can not complain!

Do not look for love, looking for someone who will bring you happiness. Sooner or later, this happiness will turn into love.
I was left with only a few years out to be pretty, but I'm grateful for the marriage to be the best friend and partner, because I feel safe and I was comforted by the fact that I know that he's going to grow old with me and love me no matter whether I appreciate and no matter how old I am.
Place next to me for a long time occupied so much of my time is given to the house, but I'm not complaining - I like it!

I can cook. For me it is important that the dish looked beautiful and appetizing. However, in this case, I'm sorry, when they eat this masterpiece. Everyone looks the other way, and I'm upset. Cooking is not for me.
Femininity does not depend on what you wear. This attitude to itself.
I am defenseless. I always think that what I have, I do not deserve. I often feel bad about the fact that it seems to me that all scoff at me silently. I often do samoedstvom. But all these qualities do not prevent me from being happy. I'm fighting with them. I am very vulnerable in the shower, but I can show aggression, hurt, can dominate. I always unpredictable emotionally. In general, I am myself a good deterrent freak.

I love to take risks and know how. I try to say what's on my mind, and do what I want, but within certain limits. In this respect, I very much like a woman Armani - strong, but fairly low-key. It may seem this rock, and actually be sensitive, vulnerable and tender. I am the same.


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