Marcheline Bertrand

Mama Angelina Jolie - Marcheline Bertrand was a real woman with a capital letter, which was able to bring up two children on their own, while leaving his own film career. She knew what is the true purpose of the woman, but we are almost never heard of her, even though she really left behind an indelible mark in the history in the person of his charming daughter of actress Angelina Jolie, who is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman 21 century. Let's get acquainted with Marcheline Bertrand little closer ...

Marcheline Bertrand born May 9, 1950 in Riverdale (Illinois, USA) and graduated from Beverly Hills High School, and then began her acting career.

At 21, Marcheline met her "peers" Jon Voight, with whom she had spun a long novel. 7 years Marcheline and Jon Voight lived together in this marriage Bertrand had two children - a senior and junior James Haven Angelina Jolie. For the sake of family happiness Marcheline gave up film career, and James and Angelina went in the footsteps of their parents and later became an actor.


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