Boy band have always occupied a separate niche in the music business and that really there to hide, a special place in the hearts of the gentle maiden. Sweet dancing boys will have boundless influence on their fans, which brought the guys fame, money and love worldwide. The end of the 80-early 90-ies of the last century can be called the period of occurrence of the most successful boy bands, which I would like to remind you.

Clarify once - my post was about pop groups consisting of young provocative dancing boys. After all, Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi also indirectly can be attributed to the boy band.

It all started with the New Kids On The Block. Five young moderately talented people together and decided to form a group (of course, not without a producer who "saw the potential in the boys"). Fame overtook boys in 1990, when they recorded and released the video for the song «Step by step». This is where it started the madness -milliony CDs sold not only in the US but also around the world, crowds of screaming girls fainted from overstimulation. In general, all as expected.


The group existed up to 94 years. But 14 years later reunited again. In my opinion, it was not a good idea - five 40-year-old men, jumping around the stage, looks at least strange. But they are not alone this sin.

In 1990, around the world were Take That - five guys from the UK, one of whom was none other than Robbie Williams. All the standard scheme: dances, songs about love, cute little faces. In general, the concept flawlessly acted on the main consumer markets boys' pop groups - girls 16 and older, and that the producers sought.

A few years later, Robbie left the band to pursue a solo career (he has a very well turned out). And in 1996, performing a cover version of the song Bee Gees «How deep is your love», Take That announced their breakup.

Today Take That perform again at full strength - joined the band and Robbie Williams.

Following appeared East 17. Not that superuspeshnye, but very talented. They existed long (problems with drugs, etc.), but remember all the hit «It's alright».


And now:

In 1993 it was time to reign Backstreet Boys - the most commercially successful boy-band of all time. It was also in the fact that the guys were really talented and interesting, plus everything they were all very different - as the saying goes, for every taste and color, and bribed fans.

Countless hits, bright video, incendiary performances - all this was the key to the success of the group. Now the guys are still together (but already four of us - the most senior member of Kevin Richadson left the project in 2006), write songs, remove the clips. Of course, they did not repeat the success that reached them once, but to watch and listen to them and I am happy now.

In the image of Backstreet boys were created and 'N Sync, moreover, they were engaged in promotion of the same producers. Now we remember this group as the first stage musical career of Justin Timberlake, but in 2000 they were one of the hottest bands in the world.

In 2002, after Justin started his solo career, 'N Sync disbanded. One of the band members Lance Bass, who several years ago declared his homosexuality, at one time even tried to go into space with the help of Russian specialists.

Irish band Boyzone also managed to grab a small piece of popularity in the wake of the success of boy band. The guys have built a style a sort of intellectuals in the classic suits, no wild dances, all the decorum and good taste. However, that is exactly what was the cause of their popularity.

Broke up in 2000, the boys were reunited in 2007 to record some songs and release a greatest hits album. But to do this they managed only four - in October 2009, he died from pulmonary edema, one participant Boyzone Stephen Gately, who shortly before his death publicly pleaded gay.

Inspired by the success of Boyzone, happiness in show meringue decided to try another Irish band - Westlife. Never really did not like them, but the band was quite successful - 11 albums (and it probably is not the limit), an entry in the Guinness Book of Records and Kladuia Schiffer in one of the clips.

I am reminded of the group 98 Degrees only because Nick Lachey - former husband of Jessica Simpson, who was a member of the team and the main handsome. According to the band, they kept trying to move away from the image of "boy-band", but, apparently, it is hardly possible. Released four successful albums, but since 2003 about the group can not hear anything.

Another popular boy band - band 5ive. Their existence was short-lived (1997-2001), but very bright. In 2006 (following the example of other colleagues) decided to reunite to earn some money, but again broke up, and not finding a common language with the record campaign.

Blue - the team whose name evokes a storm of emotion, suspicion and silly giggles from people who do not know English. The heyday of the band came in the early 2000s. Then they, as usual, costs and converge as capricious love, but actually still exist.

The glory of them brought a creative partnership with dinosaurs from show business, as Stevie Wonder and Elton John.


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