Celebrities in black leather jackets

Well, off the stereotypes! What was once considered the poor clothes yesterday, proudly wear the cream of society today. Yes, leather jackets - not new, in fact, I'm sure in the wardrobe of every celebrity has at least one, but in this case we are talking about jackets special design, the people - black leather jackets. Whether combined with the harsh style of feminine sophistication?

"Everything is new - well forgotten old" - a banal, but it is the truth, this is confirmed by trendsetters, in the last season confess their biker style shows another trend in the fashion world.

Today, leather jackets on the podium - tomorrow leather jackets at all celebrities. QED :)

who, if any of the main fashionistas of Hollywood is known. Vicky Beckham in a continuous skin, oh, the black queen!

As we can see, Victoria has bought himself jackets of different colors for alternative

Another combination of leather skin - Nicole Scherzinger and Nicky Hilton

Standard - a jeans jacket - on a non-standard Kate Moss

and here Kate picked up a pretty bright pants under their black leather jackets

there too and Rihanna

outrageous Lady GaGa - a walking advertisement, in this case, black leather jackets, combined with a long dress and another clown skirt ...

But Kylie Minogue soriginalnichala - orange leather jackets is a rarity

interesting colored jackets - this also applies to the Hilton. I suspect it has a leather jackets to any color))

fashion trends have gone further - short and long dresses for black leather jackets:

Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa Hudgens - very cute!

Anne Hathaway

"Beauty" Kelly Osbourn. Well, who is not the daughter of the legendary rock musician wearing leather!

as for me, next to Jennifer Connelly would be better looked cool biker))

Katherine Heigl in a white dress and a gray-green jacket ...

Lindsay Lohan ... well, where the same without her!

By the way, her taste in this case, I like ...

Megan Fox

Anne Hathaway and again. She loves rock 'n' roll!

but a nice little Misha Barton does not suit rider's jacket

leather jackets - style of pregnant women, really?
Miranda Kerr

Amber Rose will compete in the contest "the coolest jacket»

true American style - Keira Knightley

Drew Barrymore and her rocker belt ...

and even Julia Roberts ...

And in general, whether it makes sense to list all the admirers of the new-old fashion?

Well, I admit, there are leather jackets in my wardrobe, and your?


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