Favorite Vampirchiki

Ah ... here long I did not write ... no, not because they abandoned the case, or was not interested, just do not see in this great cause and ... an occasion so to speak ... but damn now burst ... and took not only the overall disorder of his own life as women "What's on ... ???? ". Well, shocked me loud statement tabloid that our Pattinsonchik, our dear nyashechka chosen the sexiest vampire ... you heard ??? Sexiest !!! That is, the remaining images are not satisfied with the current public ?? No ... let's vote specifically to people there was no doubt xy xy ...)) So ... I propose several options, including our teenage scallywag.

1. The first option, and my favorite ... Gerry Oldman ... oh! the talent of this man can not be overestimated, because it is not just a genius. and sullenly handsome ... played a role in the Bravo!

2. Brad Pitt ... do not fall in piles girls ... he was busy ... Ehhhh ... maybe his pale skin and blood red lips and cold, but vprobuzhdayut me the warmest feelings ...

3. David Boreanaz ... Yes, the vampire he's not a feature film ... But who among us openly envied Buffy ?? I yes! ;)

4. James Marsters ... AH ... inflated blond with blue-gray eyes ... mmmmmm ... well ... frankly adore blondes I started fasting as she saw it on the screen ... oh ... the bike, leather pants ... that there is something very attractive!

5. Tom Cruise ... that guy is an amateur ... but it is very unusual in such a role, and his game really struck my fancy. Before the release of "Interview with the Vampire," I frankly do not believe in the diversity of his ... well, his face is also very pretty !!!

So, the moment of truth ... my dorogushechki Let's compare them with the game and appeal Kabachochka ... Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!

P.S. The numbering of the proposed character does not display the author's attitude to the author ... like all five men ... GGG))


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