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In 2011, there was no shortage of news, or lack of good photos, the best of which, as usual, were taken by employees told Reuters. By the earthquake, tsunami and devastating disasters to simple human history, close and clear to all of us - that is the spectrum that embraced the best pictures of 2011. Enjoying a small part of what happened during this period all over the world.

Polutoragodovalaya lion Vadik begging meat from an employee of the zoo in Dushanbe.


Egyptian protests this year shocked the world because so fierce and bloody confrontations police and civilians was not long ago. Against the background of the ashes of a young man, a Protestant, a scarf covering the half of the face does not look broken, he is willing to continue to fight for justice.


The change of power in the country sometimes leads to unexpected consequences. Many corpses, the smell of which was felt for kilometers before approaching them, could be seen in the city of Abidjan in the year. Photographer take a picture, he said that the dead man's pose has something extremely gorgeous, though he tried to escape from death, but she still caught up with him ...


A few weeks after the tsunami in Japan, a large company of photographers went to the scene to film the consequences. One of the photographers managed to take a picture of the wreck and the two black ducks that seem to have tried to pass by this terrible place where people died.


Morning in Pyongyang. Photographer specially settled on the highest floor to shoot the picture hanging on the wall of one of the city's leadership. The cult of personality is not different.


A few weeks after the tsunami in Japan, people began to return to life. These are some photos belong to the family of the little 4-year-old Japanese girl who luckily survived. These photos police, firefighters and rescue workers found deep in the mud. As it turned out, her family also survived, and photographer who felt deep love and compassion for these people was incredibly happy about that.


Somali woman mourns her dead child in a hospital on July 21 this year.


All the same people, but a few hours before the death of 3-year-old boy. Mother still smiling, as the doctors have given her hope that her son would survive. Unfortunately, the hope died with him. It happened because of the terrible famine that killed many people in Somalia this year.


Tour de France this year. One of the cars, driven cyclists crashed into the back of the bike, so that he landed right in the barbed wire. The photo shows how a cyclist trying to get out of this "captivity". Numerous abrasions and bruises appalling.

The longest railway tunnel in the world, crossing the Swiss Alps this year was almost laid. One of the workers rises on rocks and feels that the basic work is already behind us.


Two former soldiers convicted in the murder of a soldier and a civilian were sentenced to death in the early morning in one of the hottest days in Somalia. Somali government soldiers with AK-47 did not listen to the cries for mercy, but just shot the former soldiers at close range as he was told and.


22nd Canadian Royal Regiment in Afghanistan.


An oil tanker carrying fuel for NATO forces, exposure to attacks along one of the Afghan highway, has become a good prey for the locals who needed a metal. In addition, it exploded a few private vehicles.


Libya rebel fires his rifle AK-47, learned the news of the withdrawal of the troops of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from Benghazi on March 19 this year.


US President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates, along with members of the national security team receive updated mission against Osama bin Laden in a special room of the White House May 1, 2011.


Women and children are fleeing with their belongings from their own homes, inflamed due to heat waves. The village is located in Sudan.


Athlete from New Zealand fainted because of the high temperatures at the World Championships in South Korea.


Britain's Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge looking at each other after the wedding ceremony, held on 29 April this year in London.


Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin did not keep their emotions after a fan artist did not keep its at a press conference held this year in Mexico City. Security service works like clockwork.


Migrant workers waiting for a train in China on 24 January 2011.


Covered corpses found on the shore of a small wooded island July 23, 2011 in Norway.


Muslims pray in Hyde Park, in order to show solidarity with the Arab people. The action takes place in London on February 25, 2011.


The child, dressed in a suit of Spanish Legionnaire on a holiday in Spain.


The owners of the family nudist park in Canada, do not change your life, "religion" even at home, walking completely naked.

Senegalese model are preparing for one of the fashion shows at home July 7, 2011.


Researchers dressed in panda costumes, placed 6-month-old panda cub in a basket to bring the baby to a more suitable place for his life, where human impact is minimal. Actually, in order to "move" was unproblematic for pandas and scientists dressed in these costumes.


Young people from Northern Ireland to pose in front of their fire that they ignite in honor of the parade in the country.


Man sets fire to himself outside the bank in Thessaloniki (Greece), as the money is to pay off the loan he has not. 55-year-old man found no other way out of the situation as to help in his bank refused to issue. Police have the rescue.


6-year-old boy in a mask, who became the victim of an accident last winter, is in her room with a towel in his mouth (I do not quite understand why). Most of the boy's head and burned it just to wear this mask, as doctors feared that he might be infected. While the skin transplantation is not possible, because the damaged his trachea is not strong enough.


A boy plays with a balloon in the center of the evacuation, which occurred due to the earthquake and tsunami.


Thailand. A man suspected of drug trafficking, says goodbye to his son (possibly forever).


Gestures newborn a few minutes after birth.


Pictures dead Michael Jackson, shown during the trial.


Libya. Gazelle standing on the ruins of a building in Libya.


Brazilian boxers are training before the fight.


Nigeria. Crude oil moves flow from the pipeline.


Buddhist monk goes through a flooded street in central Bangkok, 24 October 2011.


The mother of 20-year-old suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev, involved in the attack on the most vibrant Russian airport "Domodedovo", sits on his bed and giving media interviews. Rose Yevloyev apologizes for the actions of his son, who ruined the life of 36 people.


Police detained protesters during clashes in May this year.


In Kosice hospital for children who have been separated from their mothers, using a new technique for recovery - music therapy. The photo newborn baby listening to music through headphones.


Mao Zedong Statue near Beijing.


So celebrate Victory Day in Vladivostok. Veteran war dances on the square, like a young boy. Bravo!



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