For the sake of a photo with a star

On this site we saw a few posts from the series "Stock Star - what is it?". Basically, if I had one thread said that a few blocks away around the corner is Johnny Depp and photographed with everyone, I would have run farther than seen. But the day to hang out near the event-centers and airports in the hope imprinted near Selebi I would not - it's not so important to me. And some people for a joint photo with the star are willing to sell the soul. That's about how this resident Donna Serkomb London, which recently wrote to the newspaper The Sun. She has a one year old daughter, Tyler, that lady drags all the film premieres in the hope that Selebi take the baby in her arms and her sfotkatsya. Calculation of the faithful - Donna already has a decent collection of photos Tyler with different stars. Some of them climbed into the frame itself Donna

With Johnny Depp

With Daniel Craig

Craig and Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks

With Ralph Fiennes

Reese Witherspoon

With Anne Hathaway

Robin Williams

With Hugh Jackman

With Geoffrey Rush

With Tom Cruise

With Elton John

With Jude Law

With Meryl Streep

With Colin Firth

Elizabeth Hurley

With Thandie Newton

With George Clooney

Many who see these photos, ready upisatsya emotion (judging by the comments on the website The Sun). And I is not touches. Think about what a baby! After all, mom can spend hours rubbing in the crowd, while will be able to come close to Selebi, to persuade to take a picture. In the eyes of the child is reflected fear: where am I? Who are these people? Well, unless you can honestly!


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