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Nearing the 54th Grammy ceremony and long-awaited meeting of two former lovers - Chris Brown and Rihanna. The long-awaited first and foremost for their fans dreaming of joint photographs of performers who will be made on 12 February. Everyone is familiar with is the sad story of the beating of Rihanna, which occurred on the eve of Grammy Awards in 2009, when Chris badly tarnished young pretty face. "Why? Why?" ... Still a mystery. After a few days after being beaten by his beloved Brown said that almost does not remember the events of that night ("it was all a blur") and still loves Rea, but that it was never forgiven. Three years have passed, but fans of the former couple still hope for their reunion, especially since Twitter Chris and Rihanna rare, but aptly communicate meaningful messages.

Now Chris new girl (very nasty person I can tell you that one of the humiliating video parody Rihanna), and here at Riri seems no one and it is not so happy. Okay, about Ri later. While about Brown. The release of the new album «Fortune» the singer is scheduled for March 2012, and he hoped that it will be good enough. Since the release of his first album was already 6 years old, so it is definitely not expect to repeat the success of his debut album, because he grew up in a creative sense. Chris 22 years behind him several successful singles and performances (known as the Brown great move for which it is often compared with Usher and Michael Jackson, who are his idols), but the success of Prince (also his idol) and all the same to him Jackson very, very, very far away. Dreams are only dreams yet, but Chris continues to operate ...

Well, in order to support started take a look at two old but lovely photo of Rihanna and Chris:


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