Photo Batista Dzhiabikoni

Before meeting with his (rumored) sweetheart Katy Perry Dzhiabikoni Baptiste said that he liked the music of this girl. But if the music business, when the press has zhenila you to Kathy? I do not know how things are going at this couple, but I know that everything is fine Batista. 22-year-old male model and muse of Karl Lagerfeld is among the ten best-paid male models of the world and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, including through the alleged romance. Rumor has it that the Frenchman is already gathering his things and at full speed rushes closer to Kathy in Los Angeles. In Perry tweeted he calls his little cat, and that so far does not give comments about their relationship.

27-year-old Katie recently burned by marrying Russell Brand, but now found, too dark, too, and with brown eyes, although much nicer Baptiste her ex, and kind of like a quieter (but young, too young). Dzhiabikoni as you understand, the muse of designer Karl Lagerfeld, who though he and 78, but still gay, and there are rumors that Baptiste is just a boy, Officer Karl whim. I will not go into the details, the more the designer says that sex does not interest him and Baptiste are 100 percent natural. We believe Karl, believe and, of course, waiting for comments from the singer and model.


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