Facts about the movie "Titanic"

Bosses studio 20th Century Fox called for something to give back to the role of Jack Matthew McConaughey, but director James Cameron is said to have put his horn, and insisted on a nominee Leonardo DiCaprio

Rose could play the role of Gwyneth Paltrow)

And the role of Captain Smith was approved by Robert De Niro, but before the start of filming, he ate something unwashed and came down with an intestinal infection. Therefore, the captain played by Bernard Hill

Ill while filming his beloved pet lizard DiCaprio. Reptile almost izdohla, but the actor was able to revive her

Kate Winslet and several cast members refused to wear special costumes termosohranyayuschie while shooting flood ship because of their inconvenience. As a result, Kate fell ill with pneumonia strongest

In one of the most sensual scenes of the film the hand that holds the pencil does not belong to Leo and James Cameron

All cine ship going to pieces on a huge oil tanker in the Bay near Rosarito Mexico

The maximum depth at which the shooting took place - 3 feet (less than a meter)

This famous scene was filmed in one take. The scenery was too expensive, and the director ordered the actors to give everything to the full. No sooner said than done: the episode with a run through the crumbling ship did not have to retake

After scriptwriting James Cameron learned that a man named Jack Dawson was a real passenger of "Titanic" and died during his crash

At one time, the working title of the film was "Ice PlanetĀ»

"Titanic" - the first film Cameron, where no mention of nuclear weapons


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