Buddha stayed in the village, and the crowd brought to him a blind man. One man said to the Buddha:

- This blind does not believe in the existence of light.
He proves to everyone that the light does not exist. He has a keen intellect and logical thinking. We all know that the light is there, but can not convince him of this. On the contrary, his arguments are so strong that some of us have already begun to doubt. He says: "If there is light, let me touch it - I know things through touch. Give taste it or feel its smell. At least you can hit it like a drum beat, then I will hear what it sounds like. " We are tired of this person, help us to convince him that light exists.

Buddha said:

- Blind rights. For him there is no light. Why would he believe in it? He needs a doctor, not a preacher. You had to take him to a healer, not to convince.

Buddha called his personal physician, who accompanied him.
Blind said:
- And what about the dispute?

And the Buddha replied:
- Wait a little, let the doctor will check your eyes.

The doctor examined the blind and said:
- Nothing special. It will take a few months to cure it.

Six months later, the former blind man came with tears of joy in his eyes dancing. He fell at the feet of the Buddha. Buddha said:
- Now you can argue. Previously we lived in different dimensions, and the dispute was not possible.


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