Continued post fashionable prints that will forever become the hallmark of the fashion brands. The first part - there

Versace - another fashion house, company prints which you can call him a business card. Agree, ornaments of the brand is difficult to confuse with any other - they have those chic, luxury and daring that are unique to this Italian house.

One of the most recognizable prints Versace - the image of the head of Medusa the Gorgon, which is also a symbol and brand logo. The logo was conceived by Gianni Versace, who was delighted with the Greek mythology - she had a special significance for him, as a designer grew up in the southern part of Italy, the land that once belonged to the ancient Greece. Many felt rather odd choice of Versace as frightening image of Medusa, the story of the origin of which we all are well aware, does not jibe with the image of a luxury fashion house. However, it Gianni for Medusa embodied a fatal attraction and perfectly reflects the essence of the works of Versace.

An integral part of the image of Versace became the ornament that bears the name of the square wave. It also has a direct relationship to the ancient Greek culture and is decorated with the logo of the brand.

But no matter how important and it was not recognizable prints, which were discussed above, none of them can not be compared in importance with ornaments "King of Print" Emilio Pucci. At the time, the Italian made a number of sensational discoveries of fashion, but it prints is his greatest achievement. Before becoming a successful designer, Pucci served as a pilot in the ranks of the Italian army, and he said exactly what he had seen from the height of the flight, and it was his inspiration for years to come, "view sea with scattered thereon islands permanently stuck in my memory, I remembered him when he created his paintings. " So famous designer invented many prints with smooth abstract drawings in beautiful color combinations of purple, blue, pink.

Today, the "classical" print got almost every fashion house. For example, the hallmark of Italian house Missoni zigzag print is considered - he decorates knitwear brand since 1967.

Designers Etro brand used for inspiration print, which bears many names - Indian cucumber, cucumber eastern Turkish bean, buta - but around the world it is known as paisley. Paisley became a symbol of the success of Etro and appears in each new collection of the brand, since 1984.

A special story with ornaments from the duo Dolce and Gabbana. Each season they create a print that is simply amazing! In the spring of 2012 it was funny drawings on the theme of fruit and vegetable, autumn 2012 collection was inspired by the images that mimic the work of Italian painters of the 16th century, and the clothes from the new collection next year is decorated with prints of the medieval knightly theme.

But if isolated from the creations of D & G is one particular print, which is associated with the brand, they probably would be a leopard in different color variations.

The topic of animal prints is, of course, noted the Italian macho Roberto Cavalli - each of its collection is replete with motifs that mimic the skins of wild cats, ruminant mammals and cold-blooded reptiles. Cavalli, without a shadow of doubt can be called a major "tamer tiger" of the fashion world, and his love of animal prints designer explains very simply - these colors perfectly characterize women:

Every woman wants to be wild, like a tiger, and gentle as a kitten.

Sir Paul Smith, by contrast, uses his almost iconic brand in the form of multi-colored stripes to create clothes for their collections, but made it part of the logo of the brand and successfully uses a drawing for design of its packaging and trim parts.


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