Gucci Pre-Spring 2013

Spring pre-collection to a modification of the classic prints Flora Frida Giannini created under the influence of the style of 70-80-ies. Practical laid-back and casual options and elegant evening dresses complemented by floral prints and exquisite decorations.

Flora floral print is still very popular among fans of the brand Gucci. And it came to light thanks to the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. In 1966, she and her husband went to one of Milan's famous boutiques of Gucci bag Bamboo bag. Rodolfo Gucci, one of the sons of the founder, wanted to make a gift of Grace Kelly and insisted that she herself chose it. Grace wished handkerchief, but no pattern she did not like. Then Rodolfo contacted Akkornero illustrator, and the next day he was about to sketch a scarf with the future "star" fashion house Gucci. Having become one of the symbols of the brand, print Flora has not lost its popularity over time: Princess Caroline of Monaco appeared in public in a blouse with the same pattern as in the mother's favorite scarf.


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