Design Studio «Cube Works Studio» from the Canadian city of Toronto is one of the most well-known organizations create large-scale productions of the Rubik's Cube. Among their works of celebrity portraits, replicas of famous paintings, colorful landscapes and more.

Members of this team are the true masters of the art of possession this evolving puzzle. For his great performances they twice fell into the Guinness Book of Records - "The Last Supper", created in 2010 from the 4000 cubes and "Hands of God" from 12,000 blocks, 2011. This time the team set a new record, which exceeded all past deeds. Mural of 85,794 cubes decorated waterfront Chinese city of Macau. This production is so far the largest mosaics ever created. Its height is about 4 meters and width 60 meters.

The works lasted several months. During this time, graphic designers sketched out a plan, and then started to build. Creative Director of the studio roan Josh (Josh Chalom) said: Our projects are designed to inspire, unite and evoke a sense of nostalgia with the help of impressive works of art and entertainment.

Over the years, design studios, in the audience repeatedly doubts about the honesty of the authors. Many thought that they understand the cubes apart, thus facilitating, his task. Especially for the participants of the imprint process of creating their works on video.


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