Art crackle

A new kind of art called crackle. This mosaic using egg shell. It turns out that it is a close cousin of marble. The same durable, well-polished and polished, after which its surface gives a smooth soft Shine similar to the luster of polished bone or marble.

Use regular shell eggs is still possible! And to do it artistically, aesthetically and beautifully, too, it is possible that doing modern masters, which he would have envied the famous Faberge .

First out of the egg carefully and gently blow out its contents, carefully dried shell, then applied the pencil sketch of the future drawing . After that, the master with a tool resembling a drill, takes on the case.

Easy to nd using conventional chicken eggs , to more complex like an ostrich . In addition to carving the shell, some artists still draw on the eggs the whole picture. These paintings are durable and simple in execution. Ready crackle varnish, frame in frame, or Mat. If you compare these artworks with the usual mosaic of colored paper, you realize that the first is much brighter.

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