The quality of water depends on healthy forests

Employees of the University of natural resources Colorado (Colorado School of Mines) concluded that the deterioration of water quality in Colorado and Wyoming (USA) caused by the loss of forests in the States from the epidemic of pests.

After an unusually warm winter, more than four million acres (16 thousand square kilometers) of pine forests in these States has been destroyed by pests — beetles-beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae). These parasites of pine forests resistant to the toxins contained in the resin that the trees provide for pest control.

The death of forests, as explained by the authors, has led to a change in the groundwater regime. Located close to the surface aquifers are not in demand by the root systems of trees can dry out is "useless" — by analogy with the well from which water is taken.

Scientists drew attention to the deterioration of water quality, which has acquired an unpleasant color and odor due to the large amounts of organic matter trapped in the aquifer during the decay of trees. Organic residues fall into the water along with the rain.

Their findings are confirmed during the field issledovanii: selecting a series of samples, they noted the high content of dissolved organic substances in aquifers in those areas where forests were killed from the attack of the beetle.

Water from these aquifers after the contamination of organic matter, will require more complex and costly purification before becoming fit for consumption.


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