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Shave? Yes or no?

In a cup of tea even stronger! # Take a sip of Darth Vader

Reduce each other crazy. Me and Kate Hudson on the set of "My Best Friend's Girl».

2 words: delicious lobster.

King of Comedy - Jerry Lewis - took part in Saturday's my show. I was glad to hear that this is the first time for him. Such an honor! And the mere fact that I can call him a friend, a double honor!

I miss my friend. For me, his departure can be described as follows: "it is still here and I just can not find it ...»

Baby photo: Dane with her younger sister.

Hey guys, I'm here!

Candid picture with Ben Gleybom on my Annual Conference resolute men. # Workforce

Suspenders and white jeans. I'm not gay, but that proves nothing.

I can see that in London, France, and indeed throughout Europe.

Christmas charity dinner:

My fans sent me a leg. Very cute!

A few good memories of my favorites. Thank you for the nice words, for me it means a lot.


Take a closer look. What do you see? Yes, this woman is a big bowl of soup at full speed!

Johnny Depp performs with «Aerosmith». A great actor and, it appears, a musician.

Perfect evening with my girlfriend. See our favorites shows.

Behind the scenes of "Factory laughter».

Dane and Will Ferrell at a charity event:

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