Change for the better? The most noticeable changes hairstyles of stars in recent years (Part VII)

Solange Knowles

After a spectacular African hairstyles singer made no less spectacular dreadlocks. It seems Solange - Native American, but, judging by the style, it should be born in Jamaica. It was from there dreadlocks (dreadlocks) came into our lives and it is born there are a variety of prints that complement the clothes in the wardrobe of a younger sister of Beyonce.

Elisabeth Moss

The star of the series "Mad Men," Elisabeth Moss returned to the light color of the hair. With impish blond-haired newly made her debut on the show and Michael Kelly May 20 this year.

Jared Leto

Hephaestion alive! Jared Leto, recovering from his striking transformation in transsexual on the set of the film "Club of Dallas buyers," some weight and grew a chic hair. In principle, no one doubted that he was capable of it, but he can not get old !? Surprisingly, in 10 years it has not changed.

Christian Bale

A couple of weeks ago the actor finished filming the movie "Vanity of American-style" and decided to mention this case a visit to the hairdresser. If I did so ugly hairdo I would have rushed to the barber.

Anne Hathaway

Is it worth it? Anne Hathaway newly blonde hair but it certainly spoiled.


Is it possible that the hairdresser Rihanna petered out a fantasy? For several months now (and for Rihanna is an impressive period of time), it flaunts with the same haircut and the same hair color. True singer recently little has changed: make the color a little lighter and hid parting shaved head. However, it is once was ...

Willow Smith

The young daughter of Will Smith can not sit still. She also wants to play in a movie with his famous daddy and wants to be a role model. She decided that the best references about themselves - changing hairstyles. So imagine Willow frisky galloping around the house and screaming "Maaaaam, paaaaap and where my wig?".

Rita Ora

22-year-old singer refreshed image of yellow strands. I think it is, at once became so young and pretty.

Kerry Washington

Ms. Washington also added a pair of strands, but certainly not such bright as Rita. Still, she 36 years old and she has already formed style, without any hint of shocking. Beautiful it and brown strands on her black hair looked quite interesting.

Frankie Sandford

A participant of the group «The Saturdays» will soon become a mother, and so she decided to look more soft and supple than before. Still bean is associated with the business lady and long hair with feminine personages.


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