Bullies and Losers

no secret that not all celebrities have been in school honors or even horoshist. But some of them particularly distinguished - they are expelled from school. Nevertheless, they were not losers, and even vice versa. The author of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, for example, have not graduated from high school, but received the Nobel Prize in physics. The famous artist Salvador Dali in 15 years was expelled from the monastic schools for lewd behavior. Meanwhile, the Spanish genius from childhood demonstrated extraordinary achievements in painting. Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis expelled from school more than once. Once he had to change their place of study because of the fact that he pinched young teacher of English. Future Millionaire constantly skip class. All this did not prevent Onassis become one of the world's richest people. Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone in childhood and adolescence did not differ by good behavior. This was the reason that the future star had to change about ten schools. In the end, it identified a school for troubled teens. Musicians usually do not differ special zeal in studies. So the singer Avril Lavigne, for example, prefer sports lessons - in the 10 years it took in the hockey team. She had to change school three times because of fights and truancy Star Russian football Andrei Arshavin, too, at one time expelled from school. Having received the "four", in his view, unfairly, he broke the class register. Actor Kirill Emelyanov, known to viewers from the series "Cadets" and the film "Bastards", in the director's office burned all the magazines secretary. School, he graduated as an external student. Brian Warner - the pupil of the Christian schools in the American town of Canton - was in general quiet boy. However, he liked to draw is not quite decent pictures and sell them to classmates. For this, Brian, who would grow and become known to the world as Marilyn Manson, and kicked out of school. Sergey Zhigunov has grown, to put it mildly, a tomboy. From this strong performance suffered a future star. His usual estimates were "three" in mathematics is above "two" the future actor and did not receive. Because of this, after the eighth grade, he was forced to go to another school. In parallel, several times Zhigunova deducted from the music school, but always returned. Nikolai Fomenko repeatedly expelled from school because of the long hair. After eighth grade, he did not just hit the vocational precisely because so worn at the time causing hair. Harrison Ford studied very average, until the school became interested in theater. In it, he outplayed many roles, however, the school he still kicked. For underachievement.

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