Picture side of the Moon

The network published the most detailed picture to date side of the Moon. The image was compiled from a plurality of images obtained probe NASA's LRO. The resolution of the new image is not the highest possible - some parts of the lunar surface had previously been photographed in detail. However, until now scientists did not have such a detailed picture side of the Moon in its entirety. Some pictures were taken by a camera probe LRO Wide Angle Camera.

View the photo in high resolution ... Because of the impact of the tidal forces of the Earth to the Moon slowed the rotation of the Earth's satellite, and the period of the Moon around its axis is equal to the period of its revolution around the Earth. Accordingly, observers on the planet always see only one side of the satellite. Side of the Moon was first photographed in 1959 by the Soviet automatic interplanetary station "Luna-3", and see it with your own eyes have been able crew of the spaceship "Apollo 8", which flew over the satellite. Later in the observation of the Earth will turn away from the moon using the orbiter has been found that it is very landscape is markedly different from the landscape of the side that "looks" for our planet. In particular, on the reverse side is almost no so-called lunar seas - vast areas flooded basaltic lava ejected during volcanic activity in the past.

Source: lenta.ru/news/2011/03/23/far/


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