Useful champagne

Employees of the University of Reading have found that champagne help the heart to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, lower cholesterol and prevent strokes. Compared with the usual sparkling wine The greatest antioxidants found in pink champagne, reports UNN. New diet allows consumption of alcohol, and even recommends daily use 1-2 servings of champagne. In one glass of drink contains only 91 calories. And due to the fact that the bubbles reach the bloodstream quickly alcohol a person consumes less. Diet needs to adhere to the overall healthy diet and regular drinking champagne. Such a strategy does not provide a constant supply of malnutrition, however, consumption is still limited 1200-1400 calories a day, which should come mainly from the nutritious, high-quality and tasty products. "If you eat well, you will feel better, and are unlikely to eat foods that lead to weight gain," - says psychologist Dirbla McCullough of the University Rouhemptona. At the same time dietitian Elizabeth Veyshzelbaum warned: women should not consume a day for more than three units of alcohol (equivalent to two small glass of champagne). See also: Use of energy drinks lead to caffeine intoxication. Bitter drinks make people more critical and severe. How much water you need to drink to be healthy?



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