The car on a tree

Neighbors Polish village resident Zbigniew Filo, tired of his dangerous driving style, raised his car into a tree. According to Metro, recently, 24-year-old Philo woke up, got out of the house and could not find his Ford Escort. Looking around, he noticed that the car is on the high willow. Exactly how neighbors Philo lifted the car on willow, is unknown. However, one of the villagers told us that the night was hired by the crane. Neighbors Pole said that posting of Ford in the tree, they would suspend the driver of the car, as well as to punish him for what he drives a car recklessly and exposes the life of pedestrians in danger. By the willow police were called, and soon the car was removed from the tree. Philo himself he said that will continue to drive carefully (publication indicates that it does not have a driver's license). He said he understood the reaction of their neighbors at his foolhardiness, but called them arranged several violent protest. The total mass of the Ford Escort is about 760 kilograms. See also: Google will release a self-governing cars on the road. Fastest sofa in the world drove at a speed of 163 km / h. Invisible Mercedes already a reality? Volkswagen Mini-Gol - Vehicles for dwarfs. In New York, presented a flying car. In Amsterdam, launched a floating bus. The Chinese invented a car that runs on wind.



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