life with the neighbor-dead

In Spain, in a private house they found the body of a man who died about 20 years ago. The incident occurred in the village of Kanizal in the northwest of the country, reports local media. Police are investigating the death of Vincent Benito, said that the house was found banknotes and coins pesos. This means that Benito died long before 2002, when the cash flow was introduced the euro. In Kanizal village, which is home to 520 people, reminded that Benito had not seen for almost 20 years, but the locals in all that time have never tried to find out where their neighbor. Some believed that the accident moved to Portugal, while others thought he got a job as a shepherd and spends a lot of time away from home. The body of Benito found his nephew, who suddenly became interested in the fate of his uncle. And I was shocked by what he saw. If Benito would have been alive today, he was 73 years old. Thus, his death occurred in the area of ​​53 years. Locals could not explain why not feel the smell of decay in his house. It is assumed that the smell was not felt as close to the house is a pigsty. See also: 95-year-old Chinese woman, six days after the death got out of a coffin. Swede survived after 2 months in the snow-strewn car. The oldest man in the world was 256 years old. American Craig Lewis have no heart.



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