The restaurant is in the clouds

If suddenly during dinner you dropped a spoon, do not rush to lean out of habit and try to pick it up. On such a dizzying height you still did not work, but the adrenaline at this point you get izryadnuyu.

If suddenly someone decides to make a marriage proposal to his beloved, then dinner in such a situation - would rise in direct and figurative sense of the word. Dinner in the Sky is a real boon for lovers of thrills and quite gourmet. The chef will cook for you at a height of 50 meters, and you yourself will be enshrined in a swivel chair, to be able to survey the cyclorama during the most memorable business dinner or a romantic dinner in your zhizni.

Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Budapest, Brussels and many other European cities can offer you this most unusual event on food intake. 4 officers and 22 staff people can be accommodated in the 7-ton platform that rises and falls strictly by the hour and, most importantly, the work of the attraction depends on vetra.

Sightseeing 36 cities in the world opens in front of you, at a glance during meals. The company gives 100% guarantee security of the Belgian used equipment made by German standards.

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