Cat Chimera

cat named Venus (Venus) is truly an amazing creation, a wonderful game of nature. One half of her muzzle redhead with blue eyes, and the other a pure black with orange eyes. Biologists call these chimeras when one organism to connect two or more genetic priznaka.

Venus has its own page on Facebook, which started a week ago her mistress to tell about their unusual pitomitsy. During this time, this page has already gained 12 thousand poklonnikov.

Venus three years. Together with his mistress, she lives in South Carolina (USA). They met by chance, she saw a photo of homeless kittens found on a farm, which searched the home and she immediately sunk into the soul of funny two-faced kitten. It was Venera.

According to the owner's very gentle and good-natured cat. No problem lets you cut his claws and loves to purr loudly. Woman pleasantly shocked that her cat like so many people, and it became popular in internete.



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