The ten-house in two days

Indian builders were able to establish a new world record in terms of construction, building a ten-storey house, a height of over 30 meters in just two days. Above the construction of the building in such a short period of time around the clock employs 200 workers and three cranes in the city of Mohali in Punjab region, in Indii.

Work began at 16:30 on Thursday and has completed at 16.30 on Saturday, that is, the workers managed to put in exactly 48 hours. Built building weighs 200 tons and has an area - more than 25 thousand square meters, with the building being built in all the latest technologies, and to learn a little more reliable - its life should be more than 600 let.

As a result, the house was named Instacon, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest-built building in the world. According to engineers, the house is not afraid of high winds and earthquakes, so this technology can be built in a short time new homes not only in India but around the world.
For two days in the building even managed to put double glazing in the windows, there are now working to connect the central air-conditioning, electricity and sewers.



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