Parade of the elements - it is something

Went to the Festival & quot; Trypilske Kolo 2012 - stihіy hits & quot ;. Impressions weight and all actively positive. To convey some sense of the words does not always work properly, because the word - it is definitely cool, and it was in the first, but the feeling, in this case, there were before.

The place itself is incredibly beautiful and crazy energy, plus any differently there were plenty of interesting things.

Let's start from the entrance. This gate and wonderful guards at the entrance


This circle elements. On the last night of the festival are lit bonfires accompanied by music. Water - kobza and bandura. Earth - drums. Fire - chime and dance. Air - panpipe.

One type of

Tripolye charms

Tripolskaya oven. It was burned and immediately sold all sorts of crafts near


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