Incredible archaeological discovery

Teenage girl 14-15 years old, who was sacrificed 500 years ago, all of the past century, lay on the ice at the tops of the top, which contributed to the excellent safety. Beside her frozen bodies of two more young victims: seven year old boy and a six-year devochki.

1. Instead of the traditional analysis of DNA, scientists have studied the proteins in tissues and found that apparently healthy baby girl was a bacterial lung infection resembling tuberculosis. The first infection was detected in mumii.

2. A group of researchers from New York University (City University of New York), led by Angelika Kortels (Angelique Corthals) examined samples of the mummy (the so-called Maiden, «Maid").

3. Unique mummy was discovered in 1999 on the slopes of the volcano llullaillaco (Llullaillaco), which rises to 6739 meters above sea level on the border of Argentina and Chili.

4. Three mummies found that, in contrast to the embalmed Egyptian "colleagues" were subjected to a deep freeze. The body of seven year old boy also was subjected to study, but to explore the remains of a six-year girl, scientists still are not solved. Perhaps it had once hit by lightning, which may affect the accuracy of issledovaniya.

5. Most of all, three children sacrificed, as evidenced by being close to them artifacts of gold, silver, clothing, bowls with food and extravagant headdress of white feathers unknown ptits.

6. Historians suggest that the children were chosen by the Incas for their beauty (besides, the children were considered more pure beings than adults) and sacrificed. Inca is not often brought children zhertvu.

7. B previous study found: before sacrifice them, throughout the year the children were fed "elite" products - maize and dried llama meat, although they only ate peasant food consisting of potatoes and vegetables.



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