Troll sculpt sculpture (18 photos)

American artist Mark Jenkins recognized troll in the art world. His provocative sculptures have put rustle in many cities around the world, making pretty nervous and hundreds of thousands of passers-by.
Usually, he places his work in crowded areas for maximum effect.
Sculpture, the artist mannequins look very realistic and often misleading people. This, in fact, the emphasis.
Fine trollinnaya nature Jenkins calls from passers-by not just the contemplation of their work, and provokes direct participation.
It's hard to go past the girl who is going to siganut the roof and brought it has a leg to jump.
Or as if nothing had happened to continue the path, noticing the girl with the severed head, which looks into the window of the house.
In this whole Mark Jenkins - cynical troll and provocateur who loves to mock passers in different cities around the world.



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