So what are these troublemakers, why they do it and, most importantly, how to fight them? Let's order ... Catching, fish ... In English «trolling» - is a fishing lure. A slang for members of online communities called trolling placement of any information, provoking senseless conflicts. And the task of the troll is obvious - the catch on kryuchok- "provocation" as many "fish" -users. "Everything for the lulz" - the motto of the troll. Lulz, if you do not know - it's fun, sources of fun and good mood.

Modern troll many faces and cunning. Not always it is possible to immediately recognize in the crowd of users. But there are character types, which can be calculated according to certain criteria.

"Was there a macho?" Interesting typology or trolls.
If the vast web you met an individual who by hook or by crook trying to attract attention to yourself, you know - maybe it's troll-egocentric. Intentionally naive questions, obviously erroneous comments online advertising competitor, provocative statements - non-exhaustive list of means "catch" lulz. Usually at the end of the dispute plays egocentric innocence and resentment.

Hero-lover catches by Lulz serial flirt with the female half of the group. There troll has eternally patient - the desire to be unique. Such a tactic to provoke competition among the ladies, as well as an imitation of "hero" the male half of the group. And as a result - all absorbed flirtation, the group does not fulfill its main purpose.

Sometimes the web you can find the user who strikes outright stupidity. Meet - is a fool. His goal - to watch the reaction of people. A reaction may be different from trying to instruct on the right path to outright mockery and attempts to stand out against the background of the mind "idiot».

Troll Whisperer specializes in defamation or rumors about some event or person. As proof of a link usually leads to similar topics, however, a non-existent resource.

Another popular type - it is a boor. Usually chooses his victim with unstable mentality and insults begins bring it to rabies. Most support "ham" has a few supporters. Tactics debater, another representative of the trolls - to have a dispute about tastes and preferences. Then "debater" occupies the unpopular position and starts to argue with the majority. Here, the "catch" is directly dependent on the possession of a troll topic of dispute.

Some trolls love to play on human curiosity, pretending to be a celebrity. More often than most people rushes to check the facts and argue about the authenticity of the "stars».

An interesting variant - the troll-schizophrenic. In the group created two accounts with opposing views. Then troll picks an argument with himself, his goal - to find like-minded people on both sides among the group and provoke holivar.

Envy - a mortal sin and a vast field of action for the troll-successful person. The scheme is simple: create the image of a person has reached unprecedented heights, and in any area of ​​life. Sure, there are people who want to put in place bugger. Some will argue that a troll lying. Others - that it is not so successful as said. Third - troll watering the dirt just from the awareness of the fact that they are far from his level.

In fact, it is difficult to compile a complete list of the types of trolls. As well as to understand the motives of their activities. But I still try ...

Why are they doing
As I have already noted, the main goal of a troll - is catching lulz. However, there are other reasons that lead the user to the trolling:
• Experiment. Communication on the Internet implies a certain anonymity that allows you to test the limits of human patience. But it is worth remembering that impunity in the network is illusory, and gross violations of the rules of conduct can lead to serious consequences.
• The expression of hostility. Trolling allows you to anonymously express a position alien to any point of view or group.
• Test the moderators. Trolling allows you to see the reaction to violations of those who are called to keep order.
• Sadism. Some simply enjoy the personal attacks. This clinical case and the topic for another article entirely.

"Zatrollit" troll - Mission Impossible?
If troll motives can not always be a reasonable explanation, then options to respond to them much easier. There are only three ways to interact with a troll:
1. instructed the troll on the right path. A priori, a failed option. Said the troll divert the discussion from the topic, will bring balance and observers will provide a troll attention, to which he aspires.
2. Ignore the troll. The most reliable option. "Do not feed the troll" - this slogan is no coincidence that in many forums. Ignoring, you deprive a troll attention and "food" that negates the meaning of his existence.
3. "zatrollit" troll. It is very risky option, also requires an investment of time and effort. If you fundamentally revenge troll, and you think it's worth it, you can try.

Here are some general tips for those wishing to join battle with a troll:
• Always be alert.
• Be able to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances.
• Be stubborn.
• Be attentive to detail.

However, these qualities do not guarantee victory. After all, hunting troll, you run the risk down to his level, and there he will crush all his experience.


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