Balloon with tourists

According to Reuters, the balloon carrying tourists crashed in the Egyptian city of Luxor. On board the aircraft were 21 chelovek.

According to preliminary data, the victims of the accident was 19 travelers. It is reported that among the passengers were citizens of Great Britain, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Egypt.

 - In the air, there was an explosion. 19 people were killed, three injured were taken to the hospital - the pilot and two British tourists, one of whom later died - said the representative of the 8 companies that are engaged in air operations, Ahmed Abud.

The balloon caught fire and crashed in a field with a height of 300 meters per 510 kilometers south of Cairo.

 - We heard a loud explosion at 7:00 am. He was very clear, even though it was a few miles away from us. Local residents reported that their houses vibrated like during an earthquake, - said the assistant manager of one of the hotels Luksora.

At the scene working representatives of rescue services and medical teams. By decision of the governor of the region a popular tourist entertainment was decided otmenit.

Hot air balloon rides are usually held at dawn, the temples of Luxor and Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.

In 2009, 16 tourists injured when their balloon touched the cell tower. A similar accident occurred in the same area and year ranee.



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