0 Gravity Tour - new balloon

Who among us would not want to visit Prague, this beautiful, historic city in Europe? And to fly over Prague and watch its attractions, architecture, residents and tourists with a bird's eye? Probably very few who wouldn't. And designer Riten Goya (Riten Gojiya) is ready to grant us such opportunity to develop the architecture of the balloon, improving its ergonomics, giving it excellent aerodynamics and providing a better view from the height.

His concept called the 0 Gravity Tour is a mixture of airplane and hot air balloon. The balloon of a balloon filled with helium and hydrogen, also helium-filled and used in a new type of light propellers. The movement of the air transportation facilities provided by DC Micro motor.

The management of this airplane is done with elementary and intuitive actions: in order to change direction by turning, pull the balloon with the help of ropes and threads to the right or to the left, and in order to stop or accelerate, it is necessary to change the shape of the air tank, pulling it or extending.

This idea represents more of a project for tourists, it should meet this requirement as the possibility to Park in the most significant locations of Prague. It is possible to do on the roofs, especially the design of the balloon perfectly matches the Gothic style of Prague architecture.

Of course, it is only a concept, but the idea is to look at the city from a bird's eye view helped to create the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Ferris wheel London Eye, so that this wonderful aircraft, literally giving the user wings to fly around the city and see it with new perspectives, has the potential to become a new and inspiring entertainment for tourists.


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