Eating live scorpions

farmer from the city of Samarra (Samarra), located in Iraq, claims that his diet should be present live scorpions. If a man can not enjoy arthropod, his condition is deteriorating.
For 15 years, 34-year-old Ismail Jasim Mohammed (Ismail Jasim Mohammed) daily regales scorpions. According to the farmer, this habit came to him many years ago when he was a boy. The fact is that Ismail tired patiently endure the bites of arthropods, and he decided to take revenge on their oppressors. One day, the boy caught a live scorpion, and putting it in his mouth and began to chew, enjoying the taste of a vendetta.

Soon after Muhammad realized that he wanted more time to try exotic dishes. He began to eat arthropods and did not notice how addicted to the use of these animals. The man believes that the numerous bites of scorpions contributed to the development of his immunity to the poison. Ismail admits that he was trying to abandon the strange habits and did not catch a favorite snack for three days. However, after this period the farmer had to go again on the hunt, because the state of his health began to deteriorate rapidly.

Since then, the man stopped the experiments and returned alive delicacies on their menus. Muhammad said that in the summer months it is not lacking in Scorpio, but he has a hard time in the winter. Therefore, the farmer in advance stored arthropods, which keeps in a shed near the house to satisfy his strange cravings. His wife and children are afraid of living creatures on the dining table, but keep themselves in hand, knowing that against the physiology of the head of the family will not go.

Scorpion Eaters became interested in Dr. Omar Ibrahim (Omar Ibrahim), working at the city hospital. The doctor examined the 34-year-old farmer and concluded that toxins dangerous animals have no effect on his body.



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