Reveals the truth of prejudice (7 photos)

People have a lot of prejudices, which they believe or want to believe, we are now refute some of them.

The muscles will turn to fat if you stop doing sports

Muscle and fat are completely different types of cells and perform completely different functions. Muscles get bigger when a person is engaged in sport, primarily because of the hypertrophy. In other words, a person does not increase the number of muscle cells, rather they just get bigger. When a person ceases to exercise, muscle cells do not go and do not get fat, they just shrink. A person with regular exercise is spending more energy and it needs more calories he eats more. If you suddenly stop playing sports weight increase due to unspent, calories, and not because the muscles will become fat.

Ostrich hides its head in the sand

When the ostrich feels the approaching danger, he would rather flee than to hide his head in the sand, as is commonly thought. Ostrich - the fastest bird, able to outrun many of the animals, with very good eyesight and hearing. Therefore, they are able to feel the predator long before it arrives. This ostrich lays on the ground and waiting. Probably, hence the confusion, it may seem far away, that the head in the sand.

Shaving hair affects their structure and growth

Actually shaving hair does further thinner or more and they grow faster or slower, etc. Numerous studies conducted as far back as 1920, showed that shaving absolutely no effect on the growth rate. Hair growth is controlled by the hair follicles, which are located under the skin. They determine the thickness, color, rate of hair growth. The hair follicles will not affect the usual shaving "without fanaticism", as the cut off only the outer part of the hair.

Sushi - raw fish is

This is not true. Sashimi It includes a piece of raw fish with sauce. Sushi - is a different dish, and its main ingredient - rice. Already added to it seafood in different variations. Yet, in our countries, not at home sushi, raw fish is not often, but processed in some way.

Sun - yellow

The sun is not yellow, it is white. Due to the fact that our atmosphere scatters the rays of the sun, the sun seems yellow. That is why the sky is blue during the day and not black as night, and sometimes with a tinge of yellow, red.

You are using the brain by only 10%

This myth has circulated for a long time. A surprising number of studies showed brain mapping. We studied the function of various parts of the brain. According to them, there is no area that would never have answered, rather, there are functions not fully studied. Brain scans showed that even during sleep, each part of the brain a little, but active. If 90% of the brain we do not use, so any injury or damage, affecting 90% of these should not affect the rights. But this is not so, because even a small impact damage, so we use the whole brain, not the 10%. However, it sometimes happens is that people, damaging a vast area of ​​the brain, is "normal", but such cases are unique in the amount of one thousand other, smaller and more "visible».

The direction of water at the sink depends on the hemisphere in which you live

Indeed, under ideal conditions, the Coriolis force determines the direction of twisting of the water in the water - for example, by draining the sink. However, ideal conditions it is difficult to reach. This is due to the fact that the scale of phenomena is too small to him largely influenced Coriolis force. This is not a hurricane. The direction of twisting of the water in the sink is determined by the shell shape and configuration of the sewer system to a greater extent than the Coriolis force.

The red "juice" in raw meat - blood

The red "juice" in raw meat is not blood. Almost all the blood flows at the time of butchering carcasses, which is why you will never see the blood in the raw "white meat". Only an extremely small amount of blood remains in the veins, if the meat is buy in the store. What kind of red liquid in the meat, such as beef? Such meat contains a lot of water, which is mixed with a protein called myoglobin, which ultimately gives the abundance of red liquid.



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