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Women sing at the rally shortly before the referendum in Abyei. (GORAN TOMASEVIC / REUTERS)

Syrian children are waiting for medical examination at the refugee center in Sofia, Bulgaria. (STOYAN NENOV / REUTERS)

Boy goes to bed shoaled Ganges in Allahabad, India. (JITENDRA PRAKASH / REUTERS)

The heron stands in the water on the island of Assateague, Virginia, USA. (KEVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS)

Anti-government demonstrators threw stones at police during clashes in Bahrain. (HAMAD I MOHAMMED / REUTERS)

A boy stands near a wind farm in Mekelle, Ethiopia. (STRINGER / REUTERS)

Prince William, Catherine, Countess of Cambridge, and their son, Prince George, posing for a formal portrait in London, UK. (Jason Bell / REUTERS)

Miao people are male pig in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Liuzhou, China. (CHINA DAILY / REUTERS)

A woman feeds her child at the school near a polling station during a referendum in Abyei. (GORAN TOMASEVIC / REUTERS)

Squirrel gnaws a nut in St. James's Park, London, UK. (LUKE MACGREGOR / REUTERS)

Man chopping wood outside his shop in Kabul, Afghanistan. (MOHAMMAD ISMAIL / REUTERS)

Women stand in a queue to the voting booth at a polling station during a referendum in Abyei. (GORAN TOMASEVIC / REUTERS)

A man swims in the river Harry Killiecrankie, Scotland. (RUSSELL CHEYNE / REUTERS)

A woman prepares tea near a polling station in the area of ​​Abyei. (GORAN TOMASEVIC / REUTERS)

The young man is engaged in parkour in Najaf, Iraq. (STRINGER / IRAQ / REUTERS)

The model demonstrates outfit from the collection of designer Hu Sheguang on Chinese Fashion Week in Beijing. (JASON LEE / REUTERS)

Men a cruise shoaled Yangtze River in Jiujiang, China. (CHINA STRINGER NETWORK / REUTERS)

Seagull sitting on the displacer on Lake Geneva in Preverenges, Switzerland. (DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS)

Reichstag building at sunset in Berlin, Germany. (TOBIAS SCHWARZ / REUTERS)

Ethnic Uighurs working on a farm in Xinjiang China. (CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS)

White bull in the Abyei area. (GORAN TOMASEVIC / REUTERS)

Workers stand on the scaffolding at the site of erection of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. (KAI PFAFFENBACH / REUTERS)

Strobel German politician and former CIA officer Edward Snowden, during a meeting in Moscow. (HANDOUT / REUTERS)

Men floating on the river Yamuna in New Delhi, India. (AHMAD MASOOD / REUTERS)

Kashmiri is trying to open the burnt house in Shrinagere, India. (DANISH ISMAIL / REUTERS)

Adelie penguins on an ice floe near the French Antarctic station Dumont d'Urville. (STAFF / REUTERS)



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