The history of traumatic brain injury (25 photos)

This guy suffered a head injury, was in a coma for 12 days, and doctors gave less than 10% of a full recovery. After 4 months, during which he could not normally eat, walk or talk. This Cavin

3 years Naz open a business in New York.

May 8, 2011, fell from the 2nd floor and was in a coma and gave 90% that it will remain a vegetable

Mom ...

Diagnosed - Diffuse axonal injury + traumatic brain injury

Only 10% of people with such a diagnosis are "normal", and the rest are "vegetables" This is the first pictures of the 12-day coma. Then I remembered nothing in my head was a dense fog

Where am I? - Where am I?

I could not walk, talk and eat within 4 months

It was hell.

I lost control over most of the functions of his body and felt his body trapped.

I started blogging

It took a long time to gain those abilities that I lost

After 4 months, I can eat alone again.

Learning to walk again

Gradually, I began to have considerable success

On the road to recovery

Holiday - because I finally become "normalĀ»

As soon as I could speak, I wanted to sing. As soon as my hands began to listen to me, I began to learn to play the guitar.

Now I tell people that I experienced as I experienced it.

I even gave a concert.

I am currently working on a book called "Light Coma Actions", in which I want to tell my story of recovery and to help others to understand this condition



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