Flora and Fauna of Suriname (25 photos)

A team of scientists from Conservation International went in search of rare and unknown species of animals, insects and plants in Suriname - a country on the northeast coast of South America. During the expedition was investigated 1,378 species in mountain areas, including 60 species that were previously unknown. Let's take a closer look at the varied wildlife of the beautiful places. Tree frog (Hypsiboas geographicus) scrambles for a branch in the forest near the mountains Kasikasima.

Many species of insects secrete a waxy Fulgoroidea secret that sometimes freezes, forming long filaments, as in this picture. These filaments can provide protection from predators who pounce on them, taking the body of his victim. Thread break off, saving the life of an insect.

Coprophanaeus lancifer - the largest species of scarab beetles in South America.

Margay (Leopardus wiedii) sitting on a tree.

Carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.) Eating dead nasekomoё. During the expedition were found 149 species of ants, and this is not an exhaustive list.


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