Bicycles 80 x 90s

Once we have learned, more or less, confident step on the soles of their children's shoes, but uttered not all consonants of the Russian alphabet, rare baby is not reined in its first wheel "horse", which he could manage without the help of Mom or the Pope, pressing his feet on the two red plastmasski (left and right of the front wheel) and moving the thing that parents called "the wheel." Bicycle "Little Boy" was fun for our older brothers and sisters, but for some reason they went for it is not right, getting your feet on the axis of the rear wheels, and hanging over sideniem- were taken behind the wheel, while the "red plasstmasski" they did not use but simply repelled feet off the ground. We told them diligently, that "govern our vehicles" are not correct, but we did not understand, probably because not everyone agrees, we were able to utter! ))))))))

We have become "adults", and usually at a birthday party, we gave the parents (one of two popular, while gifts) Bike "Bear." Inflatable wheels, as "Moskvich-412" from a neighbor Uncle Kolya ... more bikes than with the "kids", and for the first time have insurance, in the form of two support wheels on the brackets that are screwed to the back of the frame. They served as a stabilizer of zavalivanija bike on its side. A little work-out, our Dad took off one wheel, and still later .... Lo ... I'm going to only two wheels ...

Friend Another popular bike after a "baby", but unlike the "Bears" is not afraid of a puncture! At the same time, he was a little more at length and he had a hood to protect against ingress of trouser leg between the chain and the sprocket!

We have grown again, and again the miracle new gift "Schoolboy"! Since he was smaller in relation to the "Eaglet", "Disney" or "Kama", its owners get update before the owners of these analogues. In "Bear" or "cronies" were foolish to compete with the "Shkolnik»))))))


The Revolution led the industry in our country for the massive sales! The advantages: the ability to "break" half frame for transportation or storage, long pipes Seats and steering, allowing, please note, without the use of a wrench, transplanted to an adult unit.

Very similar to the "Kama", but I can not judge about the one who came before the egg or the chicken ...

The most extreme bike of the time, it was the small size and its geometry allowed to travel long distances on the rear wheel (on dybah, as we called it) than the "Eaglet", Kama & quot; and "Desna" together and jump over jumps comfortable !!!

Each generation lives better than the last! I can not even imagine what will be riding on the children in the future, if it belongs to them is:

In his post, I certainly did not mention other VELOLEGENDY that time, because he wrote based on his childhood and his experience, so feel free to top up the topic with their comments, it does not forget to mention its veloevolyutsiyu.
My story:
Kid-Pal-Eaglet-Desna- (modern bike with 18 speeds)




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